Billy & Alison’s Wedding at Craigsanquhar House Hotel near St Andrews, Fife

I was at Craigsanquhar House on Saturday for Billy and Alison’s wedding.  It is a really lovely, scenic country setting.  We were lucky with the weather and spent the afternoon outside in the sun.  Billy and Alison only booked me 6 weeks ago, they had planned a relaxed, minimal day without the traditional Bridal party, speeches and Photography.  It was really relaxed and lots of fun, I’m glad they changed their mind about the Photography and I hope they will be too!

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Mark & Tamlyne’s Wedding at Hilton Doubletree, Dundee

Tamlyne and Mark were lucky with the weather for their wedding at The Landmark Hotel on Friday, we were able to venture outside and make use of the gardens which are great for photography.  They chose to have a Humanist Ceremony which was very personal and well received.  There was lots of laughter (and tears) throughout the day, here are a few of my highlights:

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