Terms and Conditions of booking: Weddings

Terms and conditions of booking:

Please print/save a copy of this page for your records.  By filling in a Wedding Booking Form you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. The CLIENT is the named person/people on the booking form.  The PHOTOGRAPHER is Karen Jackson.


  1. In the unlikely event of a cancellation by client, any booking fee/balance paid to date is non-refundable. If there is a cancellation within 12 weeks of the wedding date, the full balance must still be paid.
  2. If the date of the wedding is changed, the booking fee can be used to secure another date, subject to Photographer availability.
  3. Prices quoted at time of booking will remain frozen for the chosen package on the original given date.
  4. Albums purchased separately from packages may differ slightly in price and availability from time of booking, subject to supplier prices and availability.


  1. In the event of an insurance claim, neither party will accept liability for more than the package fee paid at that time.
  2. If the photographer booked is unable to attend due to illness or personal circumstance; a replacement may attend.
  3. Payment of the package balance is due 4 weeks before the wedding date.
  4. The Photographer will only attend the wedding if the full agreed fee has been paid prior to the wedding date, if not, the booking fee and any subsequent payments may be lost.


  1. Images may be used for promotional materials, online and shared with your wedding suppliers.  This is optional and will be discussed during the pre-wedding meeting/call where your wishes will be noted on the Wedding Timeline.
  2. Images provided on USB can be reprinted for personal use but cannot be published or sold for profit without permission of Karen Jackson Photography and must never be edited (ie cropped or filters applied).  Copyright remains with the Photographer, usage rights are granted to the Client.


  1. Basic editing of photos is included in all Wedding Packages.  This includes cropping and colour correction of images.  Any advanced editing requested is not included in the package fee (body re-shaping, clothing/hair/skin fixes, removal of items/people from background etc).  These changes are outsourced to a Professional Retoucher who can provide a quote before carrying out work.
  2. Pre-designed albums can undergo two rounds of changes at the Client’s request, free of charge. Changes after this will be charged at £50 per round.
  3. The USB of images will be ready for the client within 21 days of the wedding date.
  4. Wedding albums included in packages may be subject to a price increase if ordered later than the year of the wedding (this does not apply to weddings in October, November and December of the previous year).
  5. Once the Client receives the USB/album, any fault has been reported within 28 days of receipt or no replacement will be provided by the Photographer. Images should be backed up three times by the client and albums stored in a dry place. Any replacements after 28 days will be subject to payment by the client.
  6. Any complaints regarding products, images or service must be raised within 28 days.


  1. Any other Photographers working at the event will be employed by Karen Jackson Photography and must not be booked separately by the Client/Guests.  It is not permitted for guests/Amateur Photographers to photograph at the wedding and use these photographs for promotion of their services.
  2. The Client does not have to provide the Photographer a meal on the wedding day, with the exception of the following scenarios during a Full Day package a) the wedding is in a remote location where it would be difficult to source hot food locally b) the Client wishes the Photographer to stay on site during the wedding breakfast (for example if there will be Singing Waiters or Speeches between courses).  If no meal is provided by Caterers the Photographer will be off site during this time and will return for the arrival of Evening Guests.
  3. In the event of receiving lists/pinterest boards of requested photographs from the Client, the Photographer will try to fulfil these requests where possible but as a Wedding is a live event subject to timing, venue and weather constraints, no single photo is guaranteed.

Privacy Policy

We will talk again to make a detailed plan a few weeks before the wedding.  Before then a few important things to consider:

GROUPS:         When thinking about this, it is worth considering that on average it takes 5 minutes to gather, position and shoot each group so 6 group shots will usually take 30 minutes. To guide you, fairly standard ones are:

  1. Everyone (if there is a place to take this at your venue)
  2. Wedding party (bridesmaids and best men etc)
  3. Brides whole family
  4. Brides immediate family
  5. Grooms whole family
  6. Grooms immediate family
  7. Bride and Groom with friends

You might not want all of those and their might be other ones you’d like or variations of family groups (if you have divorced parents for example), this is entirely your choice.

 TIMINGS:         Ideally a minimum of an hour and a maximum of 2.5 hours (not including any travel between venues) between your ceremony and receiving line/meal should be scheduled for photos. Ideally I need at least 30 minutes for groups shots, a minimum of 15 minutes for couple shots and 15 minutes to capture your details, cake and some natural shots (1 hour in total). Any time on top of this is a very welcome bonus, your guests generally will be getting bored and hungry after the two hour mark!

If your package includes Bridal Preparations the photos will usually start 1.5 – 2 hours before your ceremony, if you’d like photos of makeup application/hairdressing, please arrange for those suppliers to fit in with these timings.

Other than timings and groups, my main job is to capture what happens on the day as truthfully, artistically and naturally as possible so don’t think too much about me being there, just relax and have fun on the day and your photos will look great!