Kinnettles Castle Wedding Photography with Erin and Stephen

Back to main website kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0339 A Kinnettles Castle wedding is always great so I was happy to be back for Erin and Stephen’s wedding recently.  It was my third visit this year, but the great thing about this venue is there are so many parts of the grounds to explore so the photos are always completely different. I seem to find a new favourite spot each time! kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0340 Erin was getting ready in the Castle with her Mum, sisters and nieces.  They are a lovely, close family and were all busy helping each other with hair and dresses.  Leonie from Beautylicious was also there doing a great job of Erin’s Makeup.  kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0341Meanwhile, my Second Photographer, Lynne was with Stephen, his Dad, Best Man and Son capturing some shots of them getting ready before making their way to Kinnettles to meet the guests arriving…SONY DSCErin’s Mum walked her down the aisle to meet her Groom….kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0343 kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0344 After the ceremony, the sky was looking a bit dark so we quickly got the guests assembled for a big group photo outside!…kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0345SONY DSCSONY DSCOnce the rain came on we took shelter indoors and made use of the staircase….kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0348 kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0349 We were lucky enough that the rain went of again before dinner so we were back out making the most of the amazing scenery around the Castle grounds.kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0350 kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0351 kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0352I loved all the details in the decor, especially the floral archway 🙂SONY DSCThe speeches were well received with lots of tears and laughter….SONY DSCAfter dinner their evening guests arrived in time for the first dance…kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0355 kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0356 It was such a pretty evening, Erin and Stephen were kind enough to let me drag them outside for a few more photos before I left.  I’m really pleased with these ones…kinnettles-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0357Congratulations Stephen and Erin, thanks for being for as nice as you are photogenic! xxx

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Fingask Castle Wedding Photography – Mike and Jackie

Back to main sitefingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0358 Fingask is a really cool, quirky castle hidden in Perthshire so I was pleased when Mike and Jackie asked me to photograph their wedding there.  I arrived on the wedding morning to take some photos of Jackie and her Bridesmaids getting ready in the Castle..fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0359Mandy from Hair Ups and Jillian from Cosmetique were also there, doing a great job of the girls’ hair and make up.  Once they were finished, the girls got dressed and made their way downstairs…fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0360 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0361 It had been a slightly showery morning but luckily the rain went off in time for Mike and Jackie to hold their Humanist ceremony outside in the Castle gardens as they had planned…fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0362 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0363 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0364 After the ceremony, we walked back to the Castle for the drinks reception.  I just managed to get a big group photo before the rain started pouring down!fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0365 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0366 Fingask Castle is thankfully very pretty inside, so we were able to make use of the ceremony room for photos ….fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0367 The rain went off again, just in time for the guests making their way over to the Marquee for dinner, we had a quick photo shoot on the walk over and captured some of the great scenery around the gardens…fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0368 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0369 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0370 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0371 The Bride and Groom were then piped into the Marquee for speeches and dinner…fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0372 After their meal the evening guests arrived in time to start dancing….fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0373Congratulations Mike and Jackie, wishing you a long and happy life together xxx

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Guthrie Castle Wedding with Daniel and Danielle

BACK TO MAIN SITEguthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0331I do love a Guthrie Castle wedding, it is pretty much a dream venue for a Wedding Photographer, I probably don’t need to explain why!  I had been looking forward to Danielle and Daniel’s wedding here since they booked me and I was so happy to see the sun shining for a change!guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0320 guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0321 The girls were getting ready in the Castle, the boys were in a cottage on the grounds…guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0322




guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0326It was a long, dramatic walk up the aisle for Danielle, and a long, dramatic wait for Daniel but my second Photographer Lynne and I got some great photos on the way!guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0327They had a lovely Humanist ceremony led by Brenda Reid…. guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0328guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0329After the ceremony, the Piper led the guests up the garden for a big group photo, how amazing is this backdrop?!guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0330guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0332We took advantage of the beautiful surroundings for our couple’s shoot, I’m usually conscious not to take the Bride and Groom away from their guests to long but admittedly it was hard to stop take photos that day, there are too many photogenic places to stop!guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0333I did stop eventually though and they still had time to join to their guests for drinks on the lawn before dinner…guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0334guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0335guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0336


guthrie-castle-wedding-photography-angus-fairytale-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0338Congratulations Danielle and Daniel, your wedding was amazing! X


Piperdam Wedding Photography with Claire and Darren

Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0314Claire and Darren held their wedding at Piperdam recently and I was there to photograph the day.  The girls were getting ready at Claire’s parent’s house in Dundee and I arrived to a busy, excited household getting ready in their cute matching dressing gown and slippers….Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0301 Mandy from Hair Ups and Helen from IAM Beauty and Make Up were also there to do their magic…Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0304 Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0303 Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0302 The girls helped Claire into her dress while her Dad waited patiently downstairs to see her as a bride for the first time. It was a touching moment….Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0306 Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0307While the girls got ready to get in their cars, my second Photographer Lynne, was with Darren and his Groomsmen at Piperdam….



Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0309 The Humanist ceremony was held inside the function suite and there were plenty of tears and laughter throughout!Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0310 Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0311 After the ceremony Claire and Darren had some photos taken with their wedding car before getting showered in confetti by their guests!Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0312 We were lucky to have one of the few dry days of the summer but it was really windy!  It was a bit of a challenge working with the wind to keep hair and clothes in the right place but we got some great shots in the end…Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0313 Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0315 As a big Game of Thrones fan, I loved this table theme! Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0316 Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0317 After the speeches and meal, Darren and Claire welcomed their evening guests before cutting their cake.  Then the dancing started….Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0318 Piperdam Wedding Photography Angus Scotland Photographer Dundee Karen Jackson_0319

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Birse xxx