Boudoir Shoot tips

Boudoir Photography Dundee

So you’ve booked your Boudoir Shoot and now have the nervous/excited wait!  Here are some tips to help you prepare and get the best from your Photography session:

  • Bring some clothes and accessories.  Nice underwear is important (three different choices is ideal) and high heels always look great even if you can’t walk in them!
  • If any of your outfits have visible labels, please cut them off before hand.
  • Pick outfits for your shape and try them on beforehand, flattering underwear can make you look and feel amazing.  If you are self-conscious about your tummy a baby-doll, Basque or bodysuit may be a good choice.
  • Choose a bra that makes your cleavage look great!
  • Try on stockings if you plan to wear them, they vary greatly in size and length, if they are cutting into your thigh, go a size up or try ‘suspender tights’ which are a flattering alternative.
  • Wear loose clothes/underwear on the day so you aren’t left with any marks on your skin from elastic.
  • Be as imaginative as you like with props, if you have props or accessories you would like to bring to the shoot (guitars, footballs, bike helmets and poker chips have all been in recently so be as imaginative as you like!) bring them along.
  • If you have seen any boudoir/pin-up pictures you like or hair/make-up styles you fancy, bring some pictures along.  If not, don’t worry, your hair and make-up artist and photographer will have ideas for you.
  • It is entirely up to you how clothed/naked you choose to be during the shoot, some ladies prefer to be covered up and others are happy to go for a full artistic nude.  Just let me know your preference and I will photograph you in the most flattering way.
  • If you need to wax or apply fake tan please do this a few days before your shoot.  Waxing can leave you with red marks which are not easy to airbrush out, neither is a streaky tan!
  • Please arrive with your hair washed, dried and ready to be styled.
  • Hair and make-up usually takes up to an hour and your shoot can take up to an hour so please allow yourself 2 hours.
  • Make plans for the evening if you can…. you will have your hair and make up professionally done and you will be feeling great… so get out there and celebrate how great you are!

Most importantly just relax and enjoy yourself, it is great chance to look great, treat yourself and have your experience captured on camera.  Yes you will be nervous beforehand ….. but I promise you will find the shoot to be a great confidence boost.  I will light you and guide you through poses to suit your figure so that you look and feel your very best!

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Boudoir Packages and booking

Boudoir Photography studio scotlandBoudoir Packages

  1. Hair styling, Make-up, shoot & gift box of 10 10×8 prints: £250
  2. Hair styling, Make-up, shoot & 10 images on USB/Download: £250
  3. Hair styling, Make-up, shoot & all images USB/Download: £350
  4. Hair styling, Make-up, shoot & 8×8” Luxury Boudoir Album with up to 20 images: £350
  5. Hair styling, Make-up, shoot & 14×10” Luxury Boudoir Album with up to 20 images: £450
  6. Hair styling, Make-up, shoot & 8×8” Luxury Boudoir Album & all images on USB £500
  7. Hair styling, Make-up, shoot & 14×10” Luxury Boudoir Album, all images on USB & 20×16 wall art £650

Book Your Shoot

If you need your photos back for a specific date, please book your shoot as far in advance as possible, I only do Boudoir shoots on occasional dates and I hate to disappoint so please book your shoot as soon as you can.  There is a £50 non-refundable deposit on booking.

Boudoir Photography in Scotland

I believe every woman should have at least one amazing, flattering, glamorous portrait to be proud of.  Boudoir is for everyone… regardless of your age, shape and personality, I will bring out the best in you!  I have photographed ladies from age 18-90 and size 4-40, the aim is always the same… simply to make you look and feel the very best you can!  If you are looking for boudoir Photography in Scotland, read on…

Whether you require a bridal boudoir album as a gift for your groom to be, a gorgeous piece of art for our wall or your images on USB, I will guide you through the experience that all my clients tell me is empowering and a massive boost to self esteem. 

You can have the shoot in the comfort of your own home, a hotel room or anywhere you like! I will arrive at the venue with a Professional Make up Artist to pamper you before the shoot.  This will ensure you feel fab and relaxed (wine helps with this too 😉 ) I will light and pose you to show off your best bits.  After 7 years doing Boudoir shoots here, I am expert level at hiding the muffin top 🙂

Everyone is nervous when before their shoot but you will finish feeling great, I PROMISE!  Here are what some of my previous clients from my old studio have said about their own Boudoir Shoot.

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