Lewis & Tracey’s Wedding at kemback Church and Craigsanquhar House Hotel, Fife

Tracey and Lewis were lucky to have one of the sunniest days this summer for their wedding.  I thought they were lucky anyway…. I’m not sure Lewis agreed whilst standing outside in his thick Navy uniform and hat!  This was my first time at Kemback Church in Fife and I was surprised by how bright it is inside, the country setting is really pretty.  The reception was held at nearby Craigsanquhar House Hotel, which is a venue I really enjoy visiting, the grounds are full of places to take photos and the inside is lovely and bright.  The guests enjoyed a seat in the sunny gardens while we took photographs.  I loved Tracey’s dress and accessories particularly her hair and headpiece and there were some lovely personal touches throughout the day.  The signposts to the church, flowers and sweetie themed table names were all great.  It was a lovely relaxed summer wedding and I hope you enjoy looking through the photos…

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Billy & Alison’s Wedding at Craigsanquhar House Hotel near St Andrews, Fife

I was at Craigsanquhar House on Saturday for Billy and Alison’s wedding.  It is a really lovely, scenic country setting.  We were lucky with the weather and spent the afternoon outside in the sun.  Billy and Alison only booked me 6 weeks ago, they had planned a relaxed, minimal day without the traditional Bridal party, speeches and Photography.  It was really relaxed and lots of fun, I’m glad they changed their mind about the Photography and I hope they will be too!

karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0001 karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0002 karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0003 karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0004 karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0005 karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0006 karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0007 karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0008 karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0009 karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0010 karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0011 karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0012 karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0013 karen_jackson_photography_wedding_craigsanquhar_fife_0014