Fingask Castle Wedding Photography with Lucy and Neil

I love a Fingask Castle wedding, no two are ever the same, so I was happy when Lucy and Neil booked me for their autumn wedding.

For anyone who hasn’t been, Fingask is a castle with the most amazing grounds in the countryside between Dundee and Perth.

The day started with some Bridal Prep photos in the castle.

Meanwhile Neil and the guests were gathering downstairs for the ceremony..

Lucy’s Dad walked her down the aisle to meet her Groom. They had a Humanist ceremony with a bit of Quaich drinking and knot tying.

After the ceremony, we headed outside to the Castle grounds for some photos.

Fingask has THE best backdrop for a big group photo!

While the newlyweds had their wee photo shoot in the garden, the guests enjoyed a few drinks and canapes before walking over to the Marquee for dinner.

The Marquee looked lovely for the guests arriving, lots of time and detail had gone into the decor. They were also the first couple to hire this flower wall…

Speeches and dinner were enjoyed before the guests were treated to some music by the pipe band Lucy’s Dad and Sister play with.

The band then got the dancing started for the evening…

Congratulations Lucy and Neil ūüôā

Fingask Castle Wedding with Danielle and Graham

Back to main sitefinask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0138Fingask Castle weddings are always great, it is a venue with lots of quirky features that look great in photos, so I was excited when Danielle and Graham booked me to photograph their day.finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0124¬†We started off at Danielle’s Mum’s house for Bridal Prep photos in the morning. ¬†There was a great atmosphere, everyone was relaxed and enjoying having their hair and make-up done.finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0125¬†Danielle’s Mum helped her get into her dress…finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0126 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0127 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0128¬†Once Danielle was ready, I left the girls to go and take some photos of Graham and the guests arriving at Fingask. ¬†I sneaked a look in the reception marquee when I arrived, I knew they were having a movie theme for their decor and I was really impressed with the details…finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0129 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0130¬†Graham was waiting at the castle with the Piper to greet the guests arriving off the bus…finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0131 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0132¬†Danielle followed shortly behind in this classic Volvo and was walked up the aisle by both her parents…finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0133 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0134¬†Danielle and Graham had a lovely, personal Humanist ceremony with a reading from their bridesmaids…finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0135 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0136 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0137 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0139¬†After the ceremony, I took the newlyweds outside for photos straight away. ¬†We had half an hour until sunset so we wanted to make the most of the amazing gardens before it got dark….finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0140 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0141 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0142 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0143 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0144¬†I got a big group shot of everyone before heading back inside to do the rest of the group photos in the warmth of the castle!finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0145 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0146¬†We headed over to the Marquee for the meal followed by speeches from Graham and his Best Men….finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0147 finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0148¬†The evening guests arrival was delayed so we went outside to play with some sparklers while we waited…..finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0149¬†Once the evening guests arrived, the dancing started and it was time for me to leave them all to enjoy themselves…finask-castle-perthshire-wedding-photography-scotland-photographer-karen-jackson-dundee_0150Congratulations Mr & Mrs Watson xxx

Fingask Castle Wedding Photography – Mike and Jackie

Back to main sitefingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0358¬†Fingask is a really cool, quirky castle hidden in Perthshire so I was pleased when¬†Mike and Jackie asked me to photograph their wedding there.¬† I arrived¬†on¬†the wedding morning to take some photos of Jackie and her Bridesmaids getting ready in the Castle..fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0359Mandy from Hair Ups and Jillian from Cosmetique were also there, doing a great job of the¬†girls’ hair and make up. ¬†Once they were finished, the girls¬†got dressed and made their way downstairs…fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0360 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0361¬†It had been a slightly showery morning but luckily the rain went off in time for Mike and Jackie to hold their Humanist ceremony outside in the Castle gardens as they had planned…fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0362 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0363 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0364¬†After the ceremony, we walked back to the Castle for the¬†drinks reception. ¬†I just managed to get a big group photo before the rain started pouring down!fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0365 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0366¬†Fingask Castle is thankfully¬†very pretty¬†inside, so we were able to make use of the ceremony room¬†for photos ….fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0367¬†The rain went off again, just in time for the guests making their way¬†over to the Marquee for dinner, we had¬†a quick photo shoot on the walk over and captured some of the great scenery around the gardens…fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0368 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0369 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0370 fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0371¬†The Bride and Groom were then¬†piped into the Marquee for speeches and dinner…fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0372¬†After their meal the evening guests arrived in time to start dancing….fingask-castle-wedding-photography-perthshire-scotland-photographer-dundee-karen-jackson_0373Congratulations Mike and Jackie, wishing you a long and happy life together xxx

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Fingask Castle Wedding with Alan and Alison

karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0189Possibly the cutest photo bomb ever!  Luckily Alison saw the funny side of two mucky pups wrestling on her wedding dress!

karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0177 karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0178



karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0181 karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0182 karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0183


karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0185 karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0186


karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0188


karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0191 karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0192 karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0193 karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0194


SONY DSCThe Secret Opera Singers performed during the meal – as you can see the guests loved them!

karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0197 karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0198 karen jackson photography fingask castle wedding perthshire photographer_0199


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